My group type

I was reading one of Prince Charming blog posts the other day where he talks about 3 types of groups on a dating website. Check it out here

Most of the guys I go on dates with, lately all of them, I meet through dating websites or similar online thinggys. I think the reasons are: 1- it is easier, specially during the week, 2- even when you are out, how many times you see people glued to heir phones at a bar?!, 3- I am a bit shy.

So while reading Prince Charming article, I obviously identified myself with some of the things he mentioned. But, what if I feel that I belong to all types and not just one?

I admit, I have a goal, an aim but above all a dream to find my prince charming (no confusion with Prince Charming that writes the blog). Throughout time the dream has slightly changed, matured I would say, but in terms of idea, the fundamentals are still there. Boy meets boy and live together happy ever after. However in this quest for love, I sometimes find myself feeling lust, I dare to say it “horny”. And in those occasions sometimes it happens that I meet a guy with a difference purpose than my dream. Let’s face it, self gratification and visual stimulation is not really the same as human contact. But most of the times when that happens, at the end (go figure) I realise that I feel slightly worst than before, because it is now time to say goodbye. You see, sex can be absolutely amazing. But, afterwards, I feel that what I could do is with some cuddling, the feeling of human warmth, beating heart. And like that, I pass from sexual frustration to emotional comfort deficiency.

Which makes me question if the reason why I engage in random one night stands is because they are easier to get and at least I get some emotional fix for my deficiency, even if brief. Or it could be an excuse that I give to myself.

It does help, but once in realise I have to leave, and it happens sooner or later, then instead of feeling that my emotional batteries have been charged up, they feel more empty. At this point is where I realise that it was just a temporary fix and then I move into Disney believer. Wishing and hoping that my prince charming will bump into me soon and when it does, it will be sex, emotional and fairy tale all together…. And we will live happy ever after.

Where are you my prince?!